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Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

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Fontana Forni Gusto
Chicago Brick Oven

Fontana Forni EST 80AV -

Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven. The inside of the cooking chamber, with three large shelves, has additional side walls in refractory steel for even greater heat retention and more uniform heat diffusion. For a more complete cleaning, the walls can be completly removed.

Fontana Wood Burning Oven
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Shown: Etna 2 & The Amici

ETNA 2 CBO 500 Series wood burning brick oven includes the Harmony Stone Base shown above.

The Amici wood burning oven comes on black stand with casters for portability.

The oven is a three piece design, with 23" of cooking surface and a 17" opening. It includes the dome, hearth, decorative door, arch and flue adapter. The "ETNA 500 SERIES" also includes the Installation Kit and the Cooking Kit below.

Chicago Brick Pizza Oven
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QX-B Mobile Outdoor Wood
Fired Oven

The ovens are suitable for cooking all kinds of food from pizzas and barbeques to bread and formal meals.

Q series ovens are constructed from the highest quality materials including 1/4" thick steel construction. 304 grade stainless steel surrounds, refractory brick lined wood burning chamber, specialized cooking chamber insulation, galvanized steel handles and 1.75" thick pizza stone cooking surface.

Oven Outside Dimensions with Optional Base: 51.50" H x 34.50" W x 19.25" D

Cook Area Dimensions: 10" H x 18.25" W x 18.50"

Total Assembled Height: 93"

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