Cooking Demo Pix from 11/29/09 w/The Amici, Chicago Brick Wood Fired Oven
We cooked Pizza, Fish, Oysters & more!

Chicago Brick Oven
Amici Series
Chicago Brick Oven
Etna 2Series
Chicago Brick Oven
Etna 1 Series

CBO-500 Bundle Cart & Hood
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Etna 2 CBO-500 Bundle Cart & Hood
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Etna 1 CBO-500 Box Only
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"AMICI SERIES" portable wood burning brick oven. It's not just pizza!!

The Amici Series features a high strength custom-built cart with weather resistent, heavy duty casters to ensure peak operating performance and results.

With 23" of cooking surface and a 17" opening. It includes the dome, hearth, arch, decorative door and flue adapter.

The black Amici cart with the oven measures 61" to the stack. The height of the cart is 30" and the width is 34".

And all Mario Batali ovens are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Etna 2 CBO-500 Bundle is the same
as the ETNA 1 CBO-500 at the right,
but it also includes the Harmony
Stone Base shown above.

If you don't need a base, order
the Etna 1 (shown at right -->)

Call 917-332-8857

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They all include Installation Kit and Cooking Kit: The install kit includes the insulating board, insulating blanket and mortar. The cooking kit includes the pizza peel and brush.

"ETNA 500 SERIES" wood burning brick oven. IGet your outdoor cooking experience rolling with the Chicago Brick wood fired brick oven.

For the best of both worlds in outdoor cooking and entertaining, fire up the Mario Batali Etna Series of brick ovens.

Place it on your existing outdoor kitchen, build it in with stone or brick or design a bench or base for it.

Three piece design, with 23" of cooking surface and a 17" opening. It includes dome, hearth, decorative door, arch and flue adapter. The "ETNA 500 SERIES"

The height to the stack is 31". Height to the top of the oven is 18.5".

Call 917-332-8857

Be the envy of the neighborhood and compliment your existing grilling equipment or summer kitchen.

Outdoor Living Made Easy blends our designs perfectly with your surroundings. No matter how big or small your backyard is, we consider all to provide you with a fabulous entertainment area that is very functional and environmentally friendly.