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Louisiana Grills
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Louisiana Grills Pellet Smokers by Dansons
Country Smokers

Quick & Easy... Smoked & Savory! Mouthwatering flavor every time you BBQ! Cook with flavorfull wood pellets in Hickory, Mesquite, Alder, Cherry or Apple for that unmistakable BBQ flavor and the tenderness only convection cooking can give. Louisiana-Grills, versatile and affordable!

CS-450 -
PDF Spec Sheet

Country Smoker - CS-450 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

Employing the benefits of wood pellet fuel technology with enough space to feed an entire family, you can smoke your favorite foods more easily and economically than ever before!

The CS-450 utilizes 450 sq.in. of porcelain coated cooking surface. Not only does this versatile appliance smoke salmon and wild game, it also grills a juicy steak and slow roasts pork butt. When you’re finished with all that, bake your pies and cookies to perfection without overheating your home with your conventional oven.

Cooking Area
24" x 19"
450 Sq. in.

Height: 43"
Width: 39.5"
Depth: 23"
Weight: 111 lbs

CS-570 - PDF Spec Sheet

Country Smoker - CS-570 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

Holler’ for the family, call your friends, dinner is on! The CS-570 provides all the quality and integrity of our Country Smoker grill series on a convenient 570 sq.in. porcelain coated cooking surface.

Smoke your sausages and roast your turkeys and vegetables! Even pineapple tastes better when grilled on your CS-570. When your guests have had their fill of your satisfying dinner, throw on a mouth watering apple and rhubarb crisp for dessert without ever having to leave your backyard.

Cooking Area
30" x 19"
570 Sq. in.

Height: 43"
Width: 45"
Depth: 23"
Weight: 128 lbs.

CS-680 -
PDF Spec Sheet

Country Smoker - CS-680 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

Don your favorite bbq apron and grab that flashy flipper: The Country Smoker CS 680 is designed with a crowd in mind. Whether it’s the long weekend, a family gathering or just time to let loose, the CS-680 is the quintessential complement for all your 'cooking-for-a-crowd' needs.

With 680 sq.in. of porcelain coated cooking surface, you can keep the crowd coming back for more. No one will go hungry as you sear, grill, bake and of course smoke your favorite meat and wild game. Don’t forget to bake an apple pie when you’re done!

Cooking Area
36" x 19"
680 Sq. in.

Height: 43"
Width: 51"
Depth: 23"
Weight: 132 lbs.

WH-1750 -
PDF Spec Sheet

Country Smoker - WH-1750 Whole Hog Smoker Grill

The whopping 84" long Whole Hog smoker introduces yet another pellet smoker innovation by Louisiana Grills.

Each side features independent burners and independent large capacity hoppers. Remove the convenient partition and celebrate your next major event by smoking an entire hog! True to its name, the Whole Hog smoker will do just that.

Cook for 2 or for a crowd! The choices are endless with the Whole Hog smoker, the most versatile barbecue smoker/grill on the market!

Cooking Area
30" x 22" +
30" x 22"
1320+ Sq. in.

Height: 46"
Width: 84"
Depth: 26"
Weight: 347 lbs.

SH-2400 -
PDF Spec Sheet

Country Smoker - SH-2400 Super Hog Smoker Grill

Truly an engineering marvel, the Super Hog is THE premiere smoker in the Country Smoker fleet.

Measuring in at nearly SEVEN FEET IN LENGTH and 30 INCHES DEEP, along with dual feed systems, secondary cooking racks and chamber separator, the Super Hog allows you to cook two large separate meals or one colossal feast over its nearly 2400 square inches of cooking area!

Bring the whole clan, baseball team or neighborhood over to enjoy the bountiful harvest that the Super Hog will help you create!

Cooking Area
30" x 22.5" +
30" x 22.5"
1910+ Sq. in.

Warming Grid:
467 Sq. in.
Total =
2377 Sq. in.

Height: 56"
Width: 84"
Depth: 33"
Weight: 390 lbs.

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Dansons has created the definitive line of quality wood pellet barbecues for you to choose from. Forget the bland, tasteless results of propane or natural gas. Gone are the days when you had to babysit your steaks on the grill. With a Louisiana Grill, you can preheat, put your food on, close the hood and walk away. Imagine juicy, flavorful turkeys and roasts done with minimal effort! Nothing beats the wood fired taste of a Louisiana Grill.
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